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Expert Fire and Safety, LLC

Provides all Safety Professionals


Confined Space Attendants ~ Fire Watch ~ Bottle Watch ~ Safety Coordinators ~ Safety Manager ~ Safety Foreman ~ Safety Director ~ Project Director ~ EMT ~ Fire Fighters

Experienced crews from 1 to 1000 on site quickly

Our stand-by rescue teams are equipped to provide a safe, timely rescue response - and all team members are trained in both Confined Space and Rope Rescue. Our stand-by rescue team consists of a three member fully functional rescue team at the entry site. This team is comprised of a safety officer (supervisor), entry member (entrant), rescue member (attendant). Finally, we provide stand-by rescue teams for deployment, even on short notice for any length of project.

We specialize in providing fire fighters, EMT's and certified Safety Coordinators.

Supplied Air Technician

In situations where there is a possibility of airborne contaminants, Expert Fire and Safety can help keep your crews running by providing them with a continuous supply of clean air. Our portable supplied air systems are mounted in trailers that hold enough air to keep your team working for days without needing to refill or change out air bottles. The trailer is set up to provide air to up to 4 workers at a time through 300 foot long breathing air hoses. The trailer comes stocked with Scott supplied airline respirators and self-contained breathing apparatuses, as well as a wind sock, safety signage, medical supplies, and air monitors.

To ensure that employees remain safe, our trailers are staffed by a trained professional. Our air trailer technicians conduct atmospheric monitoring of the site if contaminant concentrations are at a safe level. Once monitors pick up unsafe levels, our technicians provide workers with the respirators they need and make sure that a continuous supply of air is provided to the workers at all times. The technicians are experts in the equipment we use in the trailers, so if problems should arise in the air system or in the respirators, the technicians can troubleshoot the problem and get everything working properly quickly.

Field Services

Expert Fire and Safety can provide the answer to any of your field safety needs. In addition to our rescue standby crews and air trailer technicians, we have a team of experts available for a variety of field services. For large jobs or jobs with increased safety concerns, it is often good to have an extra set of eyes on the project. Our onsite safety professionals do just that. These technicians make observations around the site to ensure that everyone is safe and within compliance with OSHA regulations. If problems are identified, our team works to mitigate problems in a respectful way that limits downtime to as little as possible. If this level of supervision is not necessary, we can provide people for fire watch and other supervisor positions as well.

In addition to keeping an eye on employees, it is important to make sure that safety equipment is maintained and functional. Expert Fire and Safety has a full-time team of equipment inspectors to do monthly or annual inspections on fire extinguishers, respirator inspections, first aid kit inspections, well site or rig inspections, or inspections of any other equipment you might have. This helps make sure that employees can also get to functional equipment when they need it.

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