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Our Experts Keep You Safe

Classroom Training & Live Fire Training

Tiemann Training Centers has been in the training business for over 15 years. Courses can be conducted at our facility or yours. We can customize a training package that meets your needs. Our training is developed with Dupont and delivered by a certified training staff. All of our training courses meet industry standards and contain practical application exercises and testing. We offer Live Fire Training and instruction for any piece of equipment. Looking for something you don't see on the list? Call us and we will get it for you.


Safe and Environmental DVD Index

Anchorages: Making the Connection

Anthrax Awareness

Arc Flash: Live to Tell

Arc Flash Safety Awareness

Asbestos Awareness: Controlling Exposure

Asbestos Awareness: Understanding the Risk

Asbestos in Construction

Atmospheric Testing

Avian Flu: What You Need to Know

Avoiding Slips, Trips, & Falls: Step by Step

Back at Work

Back Protection: Defending You Safety Zone

Back Safety: Lift Well, Live Well

Back Safety: Real, Real Life

Back Safety: Safe in 8

Back Safety for Landscape, Custodial, & Maintenance Workers

Back Safety for Material Handlers

Beat the Heat: Preventing & Treating Heat Disorders

Before You Turn the Key

Benzene: Knowledge is Power & Safety

Biological & Chemical Threats: Closing the Door

Bloodborne Pathogens: Case Histories

Bloodborne Pathogens: First Responder

Bloodborne Pathogens: Just the Facts

Bloodborne Pathogens: Know the Risk

Bloodborne Pathogens: Protect Yourself

Bloodborne Pathogens: Real, Real Life

Bloodborne Pathogens: Safe in 8

Bloodborne Pathogens: Take Precautions

Bloodborne Pathogens for Cafeteria Workers

Bloodborne Pathogens for Custodians

Boomlifts in Construction

Bucket Trucks: Extending Your Safety

Cave-In! Trenching & Shoring Safety

Chemical Handling Safety: Basic Principles

Chemical Handling Safety: Corrosives

Chemical Handling Safety: Flammables

Chemical Handling Safety: Solvents

Chlorine: Handle with Care

Chlorine: Treat With Respect

Chlorine Kit A (Cylinders)

Chlorine Kit B (Ton Containers)

Chlorine Kit C (Tank Cars)

Coal Dust Explosion Prevention

Combustible Dust: Up in a Flash

Commercial Driver Certification: A License to Drive

Commercial Driver Certification: Combination Vehicles & Endorsements

Compressed Gas Safety Awareness

Confined Space: Case Histories

Confined Space: Non-Entry Rescue

Confined Space Entry: Atmospheric Testing

Confined Space Entry: Inside Maneuvers Trainers Toolkit

Confined Space Entry: Investigation

Confined Space Entry: Permit Required

Confined Space Entry: Safe in 8

Confined Space Hot Work: Checklist to Safety

Confined Space Rescue

Confined Space Ventilation

Construction Back Safety

Construction Confined Space Entry

Construction Electrical Safety: Current Control

Construction Fall Protection: Get Arrested

Construction Forklifts Compliance Package

Construction Lockout/Tagout

Construction Stairways & Ladders

Construction Trenching & Shoring

Construction Welding Safety

Contractor Safety: General Requirements

Contractor Safety: It’s Everybody’s Business

CPR/First Aid and AED

Crane Inspection

Crash in the Dark: A Crew Resource Management Case Study

Creating a Drug Free Workplace: Back on Track

Dealing with Stress

Decontamination: A Matter of Life!

Defensive Driving: 15 Passenger Vans

Defensive Driving: A Crash Course

Defensive Driving: Prepared for the Worst

Disaster Safety: Aftermath & Cleanup

Disposable Respirators: Exposure Control

Diversity Now

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing: Your Rights & Responsibilities

Driven to Distraction I – Industrial Defensive Driving

Driven to Distraction II - Industrial Defensive Driving

Drum Handling


Electric High Voltage: Know the Hazards

Electric Power Generation: A Vital Precaution

Electrical Emergencies: Proper Response

Electrical Hazards: Avoid the Risk

Electrical Safety: Basic Principles

Electrical Safety: Beware the Bite! Trainer’s Toolkit

Electrical Safety: Real, Real-Life

Electrical Safety: Safe in 8

Electrical Safety: Working Around Live Circuits

Electrical Safety for the Qualified Worker

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan: Crisis Under Control

Emergency Evacuation: Getting Out Alive

Emotional Wreck

Energy Smart

Environmental Awareness: Recipe for a Cleaner World

EPA Criminal Liability: One Man’s Story

EPA Risk Management: A Shared Responsibility

EPA Risk Management: Be a Good Neighbor

Ergonomics: A Weight Off Your Shoulders: Safe in 8

Ergonomics: Break the RMI Habit

Ergonomics: Solving the Puzzle Trainer’s Toolkit

Ergonomics: Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands: Safe in 8

Ergonomics: The 24-Hour Body

Eye Protection: See the Whole Picture Trainer’s Toolkit

Eye Protection: Why Gamble

Facility Security: The Critical Link

Fall Protection: The Right Connection

The Facts About Fly Ash

Fall Protection for Ironworkers: Safety In the Sky

Fatal Shock: Electrical Case Histories

Fire! In the Workplace

Fire Extinguishers: Your PASS to Safety

Fire Safety: Alert, Aware, Alive BESTSELLER!!

Fire Safety: Real, Real-Life

Fire Safety: Safe in 8

Fire Safety: There’s No Second Chance

Fire Training – Live Fire/Practical Application

Firearms Safety and the Hunter

First Aid: Prepared to Help

Fit Testing

Flagging: You’re the Director

Forklift Basics: Safe from the Start

Forklift Case Histories: Serious Business

Forklift Compliance Package

Forklift Fundamentals: Get the Facts

Forklift Handling: Safety in Dangerous Situations

Forklift Maneuvers: All the Right Moves

Forklift Operations: Carry the Load

Forklift Safety: Real, Real-Life

Forklift Safety: Safe in 8

Forklift Safety Training Package

Give Safety a Hand: Hand Tool Safety Overview

Give Safety a Hand: Knife & Blade Safety

Give Safety a Hand: Socket & Accessory Safety

Give Safety a Hand: Striking & Struck Tool Safety

Give Safety a Hand: Wrench Safety

Global Harmonization: World-Wide Hazard Communication

Good Manufacturing Practices: Food Safety’s In Your Hand

Grounds Keeping Safety: Be A Pro!

Grounds Keeping Safety: Dealing with Bugs & Critters

2009 H1N1 Influenza: What You Need To Know

H2S Monitors

Hand Protection: Lessons For a Lifetime

Hand Safety: It’s in Your Hands

Hand washing: Avoiding Germs and Viruses At Work

HazCom for Construction

Hazard Communication: Elements of Safety

Hazard Communication: Real, Real-Life

Hazard Communication: Safe in 8

Hazard Communication: The Road to Safety

Hazard Communication: Your Safety Net

Hazard Communication for Non-Industrial Employees

Hazard Communication for Pulp and Paper

Hazard Recognition and Control

Hazard Recognition for Utility Workers

HazMat: Safe & Secure

HazMat Shipping Papers

HazMat Transportation: Security Depends on You

HazMat Transportation: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

HAZROPER First Responder: Awareness Level

HAZROPER First Responder: Operations Level

Heads Up: Hard Hat Safety

Hearing Protection: It Makes Sense

Hearing Protection: Real, Real-Life

Hearing Protection: Safe in 8

Hearing Protection: Sounds Good to Me

Heat Stress

Heat Stress: Code Red

Heat Stress: Don’t Lose Your Cool

Hexavalent Chromium Awareness

Highway Work Zone Safety: The Basics

Hydrogen Sulfide: A Matter of Life OR Death

Incident Command System: When Duty Calls

Incident Command System: When Seconds Count

Incident Investigation: The Big Picture

Incident Reporting: You Can Save a Life

Indoor Air Report: Breathe Easy

Indoor Cranes: Safe Lifting Operations

Injury & Illness Prevention S.B. 198

Installing Hydraulic Shoring

Installing Trench Boxes

Job Safety Analysis: Pro-Active Planning

Judgment on the Water

Just Another Day

King’s Cross: Beneath the Flames

Lab on Local Training

Lab Packs

Lab Safety: The Finer Points

Lab Safety: Under the Hood

Landscape Power Tools

Laser Safety: The Blink of an Eye

Last Shot

Lead Safety on the Job

Lead! Treat it with Respect

Learn From Their Mistakes: HazCom Case Histories

Lessons From Ground Zero Documentary Series

Lessons From Ground Zero: Emergency Action Plan

Lessons From Ground Zero: Evacuation

Life Meets Work: Overcoming Stress, Fear, & Anxiety

Line Breaking: Use a Permit

Lockout for Life!

Lockout Tragedy

Lockout/Tagout: An Open and Shut Case

Lockout/Tagout: Controlling the Beast

Lockout/Tagout: Lightning in a Bottle

Lockout/Tagout: Real, Real-Life

Lockout/Tagout: Safe in 8

Lockout/Tagout For Pulp & Paper

Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding: Safeguard Your Future

Man Baskets in Construction

Marking, Labeling, & Placecarding: HazMat for Transportation

Material Safety Data Sheets: Read It Before You Need It

Mechanical Power Press Safety: Don’t Press Your Luck

Media Relations: What to Do When the News is You

Medical Emergencies: Citizen Responder

Mold Awareness

Motorcycle Safety Awareness

MRSA Awareness


No Going Back: Changing Attitudes Toward Safety in the Workplace

NORM: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

Office Ergonomics: It’s Your Move

Office Ergonomics: Safe in 8

Office Safety: It’s a Jungle Out There

Office Safety: Safe in 8

OSHA: An Introduction

OSHA: An Introduction for Construction

OSHA Inspections: How to Prepare

OSHA Inspections: Overcoming the Fear

OSHA Top 10



OSHA 501 - Train The Trainer

OSHA 511

Oxyfuel Gas Cutting: The Sure Cut

Packaging: Backboards & Body Harnesses

Packaging: The Sked Litter

Packaging: The Stokes Basket

People-Based Safety

Personal Fall Protection: One Step Beyond

Personal Protective Equipment: On the Waterfront

Personal Protective Equipment: Real, Real-Life

Personal Protective Equipment: Safe in 8

Personal Protective Equipment: The Right Choice

Personal Protective Equipment: Win the Race to Safety

Personal Protective Equipment: You’re Covered

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps’ Safety: Scenes of Success

Pinch Points & Safeguarding For Pulp & Paper

Planning for Disaster: Earthquakes

Planning for Disaster: Floods

Planning for Disaster: Hurricanes

Planning for Disaster: Lightening

Planning for Disaster: Tornadoes

Pollution Prevention: Reducing Waste in the Workplace

Pollution Prevention: The Bottom Line

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Port Security: We’re Counting On You

Port Security for Visitors, Vendors, & Contractors

Powered Hand Tool Safety: Handle with Care

Powered High-Lift Trucks: Order-Picker Safety

Powered Low-Lift Trucks: Walkie Talkie/Rider Safety

PPE: Don’t Start Work Without It

Pro-Active Safety: The Self-Inspection

Pro-Active Safety: The Total Quality Approach

Pro-Active Safety Attitudes: Looking Out for Number One

Pro-Active Safety Attitudes: Target Zero!

Pro-Active Safety Committee: A Team Success

Pro-Active Safety in Action: Accidents Don’t Have to Happen

Process Safety for the Hard Hat Crew

Process Safety Management

Protecting Your Feet: Learning the ABC’s

Radiation Safety: The Basics


RCRA Large Quantity Generators: A Commitment to the Future

RCRA Small Quantity Generators: A Commitment to the Future

Ready to Work on the Waterfront

Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Abuse for Employees

Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Abuse for Managers

Record Keeping: True to Form

Rescue Hauling Systems: Compound Mechanical Advantage

Rescue Hauling Systems: Simple Mechanical Advantage

Rescue Lowering Systems: An Overview

Rescue Lowering Systems: Double Line Lowers

Rescue Lowering Systems: Single Line Lowers

Respirator Safety: A Sure Fit

Respirator Safety: Safe in 8

Respiratory Fit Testing: Face It

Respiratory Protection: A Breath of Fresh Air

Respiratory Protection: Another World

Retail Safety Orientation

Rigging Equipment Basics

Rigging Operations

Roadway Worker Safety: In the Zone

Rudy: Safety Takes Courage

Safe Driving: Real, Real-Life

Safe Driving on the Waterfront

Safe Handling Phosphoric Acid: It’s Only Natural

Safe Use of Phosphorus Trichloride Oxychloride

Safe Winter Driving

Safety: The Good Fight

Safety Attitudes: Food for Thought

Safety Coach: The 7 C’s of Safety

Safety First: PPE Hazard Assessment

Safety Meetings: Give ‘Em What They Want

Safety Orientation: It Takes a Winning Attitude

Safety Orientation: On Alert BEST SELLER!

Sales Reps Safety: Empowered to Perform

SARS Awareness

Scaffolds: Safety at All Levels

SCBA Care & Maintenance: The Time is Now

Scissor Lifts in Construction

Service Reps: A Day in the Life

Sexual Harassment: You Make the Call

Shiftwork: Circadian Survival

Signaling on the Waterfront

Slips, Trips & Falls: Taking the Right Steps

Slips, Trips & Falls: Real, Real-life

Small Spills & Leaks

Smallpox Awareness for First Responders

Solving the Mystery: Static Electricity

Spill Prevention & Control: Insuring a Safer World

Spiral to Disaster

Stariways & Ladders: The First Step

Stationary Scaffolds in Construction

Strains & Sprains: Avoiding the Pain


Stormwater Runoff: I Can Make a Difference

Street Smarts NEW!

Substance Abuse: Awareness & Intervention (Non-Union)

Substance Abuse: Awareness & Intervention (Union)

Substance Abuse Prevention in Construction

Summer Sports: Safety Wins!


Suspension Scaffolds in Construction

Task Exposure Analysis: Beginning the Pro-Active Safety Process

Trench Emergency

Tuberculosis Awareness

Vacation Safety: Play It Safe

Walking & Working Surfaces: Watch Your Step

Warehouse Safety: It’s No Mystery

Warning Labels & Signs: Get the Message

Warning Labels & Signs in Construction

Water Rescue

Weathering the Storm: Disaster Planning

Welding Safety: Safe Work with Hot Work

Winter Safety

Working Around Cranes

Working Around Hazardous Materials on the Waterfront

Working Around Vehicles Safety on the Waterfront

Working Safely Around Railcars on the Waterfront

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