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Respirators ~ Site Safety Equipment ~ Personal Protective Equipment


Two-Way Radios

We have a large quantity of our top-of-the-line Motorola XPR 7550 2-way, multi channel radios available at an excellent rate. High-powered repeater systems are available for great coverage and reliable service even in dense industrial environments. The handheld units are intrinsically safe and come with a speaker/microphone, battery with belt clip, antenna, charging base, a spare battery for every two radios, with all programming included. These 50 channel radios provide custom digital readouts and can be programmed for communication between specific groups with a built-in plant alert system. All set up, maintenance and repair are included with rental costs. We can provide ear piece, additional spare batteries and repeater unit pricing upon request.


Gas Cart Rentals

Yamaha heavy duty 4x4 gasoline carts, recommended for industrial use. Rental includes regular maintenance service and DOT inspections with full inspection reports. Carts come with back seats that flip down for cargo, windshield, rear mirror, seat belts, reverse buzzer, turn signals, headlights, and all terrain tires. Plant ready.


Kubota Rentals

Name-brand heavy-duty diesel, four wheel drive RTV Kubotas with hauling and pulling capability. Comes with windshield, roof, reverse buzzer, hydraulic lift bed, seat belts, and all accessories required by most plants.

Breathing Systems

Air Trailers, SCBA's and Fresh Breathing Air

Expert Fire and Safety, LLC constructs trailers designed to meet the needs of your company. Our air trailers are designed to be a portable cascade system complete with everything you need to ensure the safety of personnel on site. The trailers are typically designed to house 6 K-sized compressed air cylinders, although the number and size of cylinders can be adjusted. The cylinders are connected to a manifold control panel mounted to the wall. The manifold branches into 6 to 8 quick connect hoses, up to a maximum of 300ft of hose on each connection.

Site Safety

Expert Fire and Safety can provide your company with any safety equipment you need for your site. We can custom make signs to indicate respirator storage, fire extinguisher locations, Hydrogen Sulfide warnings, eyewash stations, and more. We offer lockout/tagout kits, weatherproof equipment cases, MSDS binders & hangers, and much more.

We provide a wide array of fire extinguishers in all sizes from 2.5 lb to 250 wheeled units from major brands such as Ansul, Badger, Sentry, & Amerex. Our extinguishers come in dry chemical, water, CO2, Halon, and dry powder extinguishing agents. We also have both wall and vehicle mounting brackets.

Where first aid stations are required, Expert Fire and Safety can provide the supplies you need. We have wall mounted first aid stations, vehicle kits, and even backpack style kits, in addition to portable and stationary eyewash stations. We also sell individual supplies for supplementing and restocking kits.

Testing Equipment

Expert Fire and Safety is an authorized dealer for Rice Hydro and can provide you with low-cost test equipment such as flow testers, pressure testers, Electric, Gas, and Pneumatic test pumps to ensure your fire suppression, piping, hoses, and storage systems are working safely and at peak efficiency.

Rescue Equipment

If rescue is part of your job, we can supply you with the equipment you will need. If rope rescue requires lifting systems, we have ropes, pulleys, winches, tripods, and davit arms. We can also supply extrication equipment such as backboards, stokes baskets, SKED stretchers, and more. Expert Fire and Safety, LLC is an authorized dealer for Sterling Rope and can provide you with the highest quality rescue ropes in the industry. 

Fall Protection / Harnesses

Expert Fire and Safety offers a wide variety of full body harnesses. This ranges from a very simple harness with a single d-ring to a rope access harness with the capability to do high angle rescues. By looking at the industry you are working in we can advise you on the proper harness to get your job done.


With the update to the ANSI Z359.1 standard the choice of which lanyard to use is even more important than ever. We can offer new insight into the differences of energy absorbing lanyards and help with the choice that works for your industry. Whether you work in the wind industry and need a rescue lanyard to the oil and gas industry and need a chemical resistant lanyard we can help make the choice easy.

Anchor Equipment

The choice on what to tie off to is probably the most important decision a worker can make when it comes to fall protection. We can make this easier with the wide variety of anchoring systems we offer. This can be as simple as a synthetic strap or temporary roof anchor to exotic systems like vacuum anchors and horizontal lifeline. Typically with a few easy questions a recommendation on the system that will best work can be made.


If clearance is an issue the self-retracting lifeline is probably the best solution. These range from fall limiters which only need a few inches of clearance to energy absorbing SRL’s that may need only 4 ½ feet to fully arrest a fall. We offer a wide variety of SRL’s ranging from rescue winch self-retracting lifelines to self-retracting lifelines that can be attached directly into your harness. The SRL is often the best choice for fall arrest applications.

Personal Protective Equipment

Flame Resistant Clothing

Expert Fire and Safety, LLC is an authorized dealer for LapCo FR and also carries Bulwark and Carhartt brands of Flame Resistant clothing. We have a variety of sizes of FR shirts, pants, coveralls, coats, and more. Give us a call and let us know what you're looking for. We would be happy to quote you on any size order.

Eye & Face Protection

We carry a wide range of styles of safety glasses to match your comfort and safety needs. Safety glasses come in clear and tinted lens styles, and all glasses meet ANSI Z87 standards.

We also carry face shields, welding hoods, and laser safety goggles for a variety of purposes and uses.

Head Protection

Expert Fire and Safety offers both cap style and full brimmed hard hats in almost any color desired. All hard hats conform to ANSI Z89 standards. We also offer helmets and hard hat liners.

Hand Protection

We offer any style of glove you need. We have gloves made of different materials for FR protection, abrasion protection, chemical protection, thermal protection, and other purposes.

Foot Protection

From safety toes boots to chemical booties, we can provide the foot protection you need. We offer steel toes or plastic toes, and conductive or insulating.

Heat Control

For worksites that subject workers to a large amount of heat, we have cooling clothing. We have cooling vests, towels, and bandanas. All the cooling products are reusable.

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