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We are available to handle your safety needs throughout the Southern United States. To inquire about our services, please contact us at 361-993-0494. For employment opportunities 361-334-1723

One of our most valuable assets is our company's reputation for acting with the highest ethical integrity and maintaining compliance with all applicable laws, ensuring sound business practices, satisfied clients and valued employees.

Why are we considered the Expert?

Our mission is to be the premier provider for all industrial safety needs, while exercising professional and quality solutions that encompass service, training and sales. Expert Fire and Safety, LLC is operated by a Texas State Industrial Fire and Rescue Captain with OSHA 500, experience in all facets of industrial, chemical process, power plants, oil fields, engineering, and OSHA requirements. Expert Fire and Safety employees are certified emergency response and high angle rescuers, off duty fire fighters and fully licensed fire technicians. Advice, guidance and periodic audits are offered at no charge to our customers as well as complimentary monthly training opportunities. Our goal is to provide prompt, accurate services and ensure your protection.


Safety Consulting - Due to the overwhelming volume of OSHA codes, it is often difficult for a business to stay updated and maintain compliance without help, hence Expert Fire and Safety. A properly established safe working environment helps to protect employees, raises productivity, increase employee morale, reduce workers' compensation claims, save $$$ in possible fines and add stability to a company. We can assist with any safety needs such as improving practices, streamlining systems, updating records or creating specific programs to help your company run more efficient.

Industrial Hygiene - Maintaining employee safety and a reliable operating facility are not easy tasks, but Expert Fire and Safety's professionally trained industrial hygiene consultants can deal with and kind of hazmat, workplace efficiency or physical hazards. Our professionals welcome the opportunity to create, guide and help implement industrial hygiene strategies to strengthen your standards and enhance your procedures.

Standby Rescue - The physical safety of an employee in an industrial plant or manufacturing facility should ALWAYS be a company's top priority. Expert Fire and Safety knows it is critical to have onsite EMS and standby technical rescue teams for all high risk projects. Consider the possibilities of injury, death or substantial monetary claims when emergency aid is not readily available during confined space situations, plant shutdowns, tank cleanings or other perilous projects because these are common outcomes for unprepared and negligent companies. Be smart, call Expert Fire and Safety today!


Visit our training center to view our extensive collection of training materials and courses or let Expert Fire and Safety customize safety courses for your company. Our library covers a vast array of subject matters and the materials are recognized worldwide.


Expert Fire and Safety, LLC knows the importance of high quality equipment is to your health, safety and environment. We engage only the very best manufactures to compliment our expert services, with monitors, respirators, gear, air trailers and other safety equipment. We can meet your temporary needs through rental equipment or fulfill long term solutions via purchase.


Rescue Teams

Safety Men, Fire Fighters, ERT Paramedics


Sales, Rental, Service

Monitors, Fresh Air, Extinguishers, Packs



Classroom, DVD, Live Fire, Dupont Certified

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